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What is Splash for Cash?

Splash for Cash is a fundraising event by the Fragile X Center of San Diego to promote awareness of Fragile X and to support research towards a cure. Anyone can join in the fun with the other swimmers and splashersl You can raise money as a participant or simply sponsor someone who is swimming for Spash for Cash.

We operate solely on gifts from individuals and corporations. We appreciate every donation, large and small, as we are run entirely by volunteer family and community members.

When and Where is it?

Splash for Cash takes place during our Annual Fragile X Family Pool Party once a year in August.

How Does it Work?

Ask family, friends, and community members to sponsor you or your family member at the Splash for Cash event. Donations can be made online now or mail your check (please put name of person sponsored into the memo section) to 4653 Carmel Mountain Road #308-515, San Diego, Ca. 92130 .

Have more questions?

Contact Nicole Schweizer with your updated contact info
Email: nicole@fragilexsandiego.org
Phone: 858.437.3838
Denise Alvinito

Fragile X Center of San Diego is a Federal nonprofit corporation, Tax ID#77-0627695